The hospitality is like the sport and some arts. To achieve the best results in the world is simple thing, just need perfect organization and perfect teamwork. Therefore I much prefer to work with team players rather than with 'waiters' and 'chefs'.
We are looking for restaurants or financial investor to our projects anywhere in the world.
If you would like to see the operation of the world record restaurant inside, write your name and email address here in the 'Contact Form'
 then we will write to you, when we open our restaurant then you can see it.

About our consulting work


Our first project

Already once I did it and I want to do my world record again, anywhere in the world.
I would like to do it at the same time in two or three restaurants, I need to have just restaurant at least 40 seats, international menu, normal sized kitchen and large warehouses. You give me the restaurant and I will do one of the most famous restaurant in the world for you.
Our menu plan:
You can find more info

Our second project

If you have biggest restaurant or coffee chain, a few shop is not work well... 
and a thought comes in your mind: 'Maybe should sale these'. Stop! Do not sale it!
Take it out the weakest shops and we transform those. First time give me just one or two shop... just a few month... half year... and if you will see: 'Yes, it is better', I can do more shops and we (you and me) will have an other shop chain.
Minimal investion, minimal risk, name change, little bit other designe.
Other name... other form... other style... new chance.